Podcast Episode #47: DeVon Franklin- Striving for Success with God at the Center

Posted: Jan 02 2017


DeVon Franklin is an author, film producer, preacher and motivational speaker. He serves as President/CEO of Franklin Entertainment, a new first-look production company with 20th Century Fox. He began his career as an intern for Will Smith and James Lassiter. He was formerly the Senior Vice President of Production at Columbia Pictures and a studio executive at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.



Honor God First:

Be Bold.

  • Don’t be afraid to stand for what God has called you to do. 
  • The bolder you are, the more evidence you will have of what God’s hand is in and is not in your life.

Honor God.

  • If you want to see God make a way for you, honor him first.  This will enable you to better see God’s direction for your life. 
  • Sometimes you have to let go of your current situation in order to be ready for the next thing God has for you. 
  • Seek God in the threads of your career.  God is as much concerned about who we are in the world as who we are in the church. 

Seek God’s Will:

Pray for God’s will first.

  • Stop treating God like a genie or a vending machine.
  • You need to want God more than the thing that he can provide.
  • Trust his plan. Take him at his word. 

Be willing to take risks.

  • Business, whether the church or marketplace, honors the maverick, the bold, the risk taker. 
  • You have to take some risks if you want to see a return on what God has planned for your life. 

Often times we over-spiritualize what happens in the church and under-spiritualize what happens in the marketplace. 

It’s not about where you work or what you're doing.  God is more concerned about who you are becoming than what you are doing. 

Be Confident in Your Calling:

The church is a catalyst for what you're doing in the world to spread the Gospel.

We need to have a stronger belief in who God created us to be. 

  • We are fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • God has called us to great things and given us great ability.  OWN IT!
  • Be confident in who you are, who you are created to be, and in your skill set.
  • Get your mind right. Believe it, act like it, talk like it.
  • If you don't believe in yourself, who else is going to? 

Embrace Humble Beginnings:

In a career/marketplace, until you've proven yourself, you bring no value.

  • A salary is an equation and compensation of the value you bring.
  • Just because you're not getting paid does not mean value is not being added to your life.
  • Often times humble opportunities, such as unpaid internships, will build a solid foundation for your career. 
  • Be grateful for opportunities, even unpaid ones.

Success includes a weeding out process and always requires sacrifice. 

Discipline & How to Stay Motivated: 

 Maintain a hunger and desire for more.

  • Get yourself around people who are experts in their field, impacting and changing lives.
  • To achieve your calling, you have to have rigorous discipline.
  • Be persistent and continue to be consistent.
  • Ask yourself “Who am I and where am I going?” 

Honor and be faithful in the small things. 

  • Treat your current state as if it's where you are want to be.
  • Be faithful in the struggle.

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