Podcast Episode #70: Dan Matlock - Be The Church

Posted: Jul 10 2017


Dan and Kelly Matlock grew up in the Midwest but fell in love with Texas when they moved there in 2003. In 2011 they felt called to start a church in Hays County.  Dan loves spending time with his family, being outdoors, playing sports, and driving his motorcycle. He’s an avid football fan in general but a diehard fan of the Green Bay Packers and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.



Be The Church:

Build an awesome team around you. 

Before you “have” church, you have to BE the church.

When you look at the life of Jesus, he was not surrounded by “Christians” all the time.  How can we get in people’s worlds and be the church outside the walls of a church?

Get involved in the community.  The church is here to serve people.  

The church exists to show the community what God is like.

Serving the community with no strings attached will open doors for relationships later on.  

Be intentionally close to others churches.  When the church wins, the kingdom wins. 

“What if I bring revival in your city but it comes through a different church?”  Would you still be interested?

Serve along side one another.  It’s easier to do life together and be friends than to compete with one another. 






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