Podcast Episode #69 - Kyle Turner: Church Planting & Seeking God's Calling

Posted: Jun 26 2017


Kyle Turner is the lead pastor of The Cause: A Jesus Church, which he launched in September 2010 with his wife, Liz, in the heart of Kansas City, MO. Kyle and Liz have two children: Blaire and Graham, as well as a furry one named Cub. Kyle is an all-around sports fan, played a mean game of high school basketball, and loves riding motorcycles. He is also surprisingly good at free-styling fresh rap lyrics.


Church Planting & Seeking God's Calling 

1. UNITY: Unity is essential, especially in a marriage, when it comes to answering God’s calling.  You shouldn't have to trick your spouse into God’s calling.

It’s better to do things slower and in unity than to jump into something when you're not on the same page. 


2. SEEK AUTHORITY: Do whatever it takes to hear from God. There will be hard times, so a solid knowledge of your calling will anchor you to persevere following Him. 

Own your calling. The best churches are produced when the right leader is in the right place at the right time. Pray and ask God for clarity. 

It is essential to lean into the voice of the Holy Spirit when following God’s calling for your life.  Things can be systematized like crazy, but there will always be spiritual resistance that requires the voice of God as the foundation. 

It’s better to get it right with God on your side than to jump into something “for God” without His guidance. 


3. PASSION: There is resistance in building God’s church, so it is imperative to seek His guidance and calling with passion.

You should love the opportunity to build God’s kingdom more than the idea of church planting or senior pastoring your own church.  Your passion should be greater than just wanting to be in charge. 


ACTION STEP: Ask God what you need to do to hear from Him about you are called to do.







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