Podcast Episode #67: Frank Bealer - The Myth of Balace

Posted: May 29 2017


After more than five years of building children’s ministry strategies at one of the most influential churches in the nation, Frank Bealer is expanding his scope to work on systems and strategies that will help thousands of other churches.

Frank is the founding CEO of the Phase Family Centers, an innovative concept for bringing together churches, families and communities. Frank is also the Executive Director of Leadership Development at Orange / The Rethink Group and the author of The Myth of Balance.




God didn't call us to sacrifice the family He’s given us on the alter of Ministry.

We must weigh things against the calling God has placed on our lives.  Are we saying yes to the right things?

You must set a parameter around your “calling”.  Your time is not infinite.  We chase opportunities without filtering them against the other callings we have (spouse, parent, friend).

Ministry is a marathon, a long haul, not a sprint.  If you go too fast, you can lose those who are following you.


Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

  1. Our Language - going from “we get too” to “we have to” turns opportunities into burdens. Shifting from “us” to “they” is also a sign of an mindset shift.
  2. Lack of Health in Family/Marriage/Friendships - a busy “season” is not a season if it never ends.  Seasons have clear endings.  


When This, Then That

Let’s plan in advance for the exceptions that you know might occur, examples: late nights at work, hospital visits, etc.

It’s important to have a plan in place for unexpected events/exceptions. 

Look for patterns or common unexpected events, and have a plan in how to handle this with your family/friends. 



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