Podcast Episode #62: Paul Daugherty - Navigating Transition

Posted: Apr 17 2017


Paul Daugherty, along with his wife Ashley, serve as the Lead Pastors of Victory in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They have two boys, Liam and Benaiah.

Paul and Ashley travel around the world speaking at churches, conferences and city wide outreaches. Paul is the youngest son of the late Billy Joe Daugherty, the founder of Victory Christian Ministries.



Keep Getting Ready:

A season of transition can feel frustrating and uncertain, but its important to keep getting ready, to keep training.  Nobody is 100% ready as they enter a new role, but God prepares us along the way. 

Read, listen to podcasts, meet with mentors and leaders as you prepare. 

Put yourself around people that are where you want to go. 


Growing as a Leader:

  1. Reach out to your mentors for advice in areas that you need to help with.  Lean on them for council.
  2. Read the word and cultivate a listening ear to God’s voice. 
  3. Trust God’s voice in the face of feelings of inadequacy. 
  4. Read books & listen to podcasts that help you grow as a leader. 


Honoring the Past & Moving Forward:

  •  Communicate honor: Constantly say honorable things about previous leaders and the past.
  • Appreciate the past and the people that are still hear from the past.
  • Don’t try to change stuff right off the bat.  You are the biggest change at the beginning of the transition.
  • Empower others to make changes as they see fit, but don’t make too many changes at once.  Be mindful to maintain the DNA of the establishment.


Bouncing Back from Mistakes:

It’s easy to let our insecurities rise up and block the voices of wise council.

A culture where team members can voice opinions is essential.

People are not thinking about you as much as you think you are.




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