Podcast Episode #60: Ryan Tauss - Inside the Life.Church Digerati Team

Posted: Apr 03 2017


Ryan works at Life.Church as part of the Digerati team, an interactive team of people responsible for the web & app experience, giving, volunteer, and people platform experiences. He has a background as an agency graphic designer. Ryan is an Oklahoma native and OSU grad.  He lives in Edmond with his wife, Jennifer, and two sons.  



The 3 Areas of Leadership:

  1. Self
  2. Family
  3. Work

How can you lead with passion in every area?


Using Technology to Build Relationships:

Technology should be leveraged to engage people and build relationships.

Think through the product in the experience aspect and provide a way for people to build connections and relationships.

Digital is not the endpoint but a bridge to connect people.

Jesus spent time among the people, listening and building relationships and creating dialogue.  The product can be thought of as a place, a building, a location, used to bring people together, not just a shiny piece of material.


Developing as Leaders:

We are all leaders. When the leader gets better, we all get better.

We are best at knowing where we need to improve, change, and set goals.

Don’t focus on solving the problem, let your vision solve the problem.

What do you want to accomplish this year? What are some practical goals that you can implement to get you there?

“Healthy things grow.”— Craig Groeschel

When something is working & growing, its important to take a look at WHY it's growing and what’s making it work.


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