Podcast Episode #59: Jim Wideman - Leadership in the Home

Posted: Mar 27 2017


Jim Wideman has spent over 40 years helping churches and leaders thrive! He has been a speaker, teacher, author, leadership coach and ministry consultant as well as worked in 6 thriving churches over a span of four decades.  

Jim currently serves as an Orange Strategist, as well as President of Jim Wideman Ministries.  Jim and his amazing wife Julie, have two successful grown daughters.

Jim believes his marching orders are to spend the rest of his life serving the local church and taking what he has learned about leadership and ministry and pour it into the next generation of leaders.



A leader points the way and sets the pace of the home.

It’s critical to have goals for yourself and for your family. 


In Your Marriage:

Never quit dating your spouse.

Let your kids see you in love with your spouse. 

Three areas that need intentional attention in marriage:

  1. Prayer life/ spiritual life
  2. Money
  3. Intimacy

If you're not working on these 3 areas intentionally, the relationship will struggle.



Deuteronomy 6 was written for parents.

Often times, parents want better for their kids in most areas, but spirituality can be neglected.  It’s easy to settle for “just don't be bad.”

Parents are responsible for setting the pace and having a vision for the home. 

If you have a vision for kids at the church, you should have a vision for the kids in your home. 

If you don't have a plan or goals to aim at, it won't happen.  Be intentional.

Positional vs. Relational Leadership: 

Positional leadership is the lowest form of leadership.

Anybody can be a father. Strive to be a daddy; earn the right.

Catch your children doing the RIGHT things. Reward your children for being where they are supposed to be or doing what they're supposed to be doing.

Invest time with your kids when they're young and they'll want to spend time with you when they're grown. 

Don’t settle for positional leadership as a father, but aim for relational leadership as dad. 

Don’t be afraid to tell your kids how you've messed up.

Utilize teachable moments to talk to your kids as they arise.

Let your family be your greatest achievement in life.



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