Podcast Episode #58: Ben Stapley - Cultivating a Creative Team

Posted: Mar 20 2017



Ben currently serves at Liquid Church in New Jersey as the Creative Arts Pastor overseeing the weekend services, mentoring the worship department, leading the video department & pastoring the church online community. Ben is married to his wife, Rose, and is the father of two girls. 



Building a Team

The arts are often underutilized for volunteer positions.

Someone in your church has the skill set you are looking for that would be willing get engaged as a volunteer.

Start with people and not your product.

Who are the people on your team and what are their gifts that can help build a project?

Strive for communicative clarity.


Asking for Volunteer Work

  1. Lead with vision
  2. Respect their time & their experience: tell them where their work will be and what the effects of their efforts will be.

Make the storyline clear to keep the story alignment. The story needs to stay aligned with teaching pastor's message. 

Have strong input before releasing final content.

Good leaders want to be led well.

Make sure people know you're on their side by giving public praise and private critique. 


Leading Artists

  1. Give greater opportunities for failure: give time to craft and fail, to try new things.
  2. Give particular praise: be specific about their work.
  3. Encourage a side hustle: encourage work and creativity, but keep them distinct and separate. Encourage projects just for fun.



  1. First approach it as a holy moment: your canvas is completely blank. Be a co-creator with God, asking the Holy Spirit to come into the project.
  2. Communicate the scope of the project beforehand.
  3. Think aspirational before practical: don't set a cap on creativity right off the bat. You can figure out how to make a home-run idea be a practical one, too.
  4. Acknowledge the 9:1 rule: nine ideas wont work, but one will.  Let the bad ideas get going so that the good ones can come through. 





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