Podcast Episode #57: John Mitchell - A Natural Strategy for a Supernatural Calling

Posted: Mar 13 2017



John is the owner and operator of Creative Audio Lab in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Creative Audio Lab does custom music creation, music and sound design, and on location audio. In addition, John has launched a site called musicfromthelab.com, a unique music library created by the collaborative team at Creative Audio Lab. John is married and the father of two.




Working in Excellence

  • Excellence means not settling for the status quo. 
  • Excellence is never a cookie cutter process.  
  • Excellence means working with efficiency.  
  • Creative excellence is about pushing the level on every project.

Leave your ego on the sidelines and be willing to push for someone else’s vision. 

Embrace the critique. Operate from a servant’s heart.

If you serve someone else's vision, eventually you will gain influence and they will trust your vision. 


Finding the Purpose

Be willing to give up your control and give it to God.

God will give you a natural strategy to achieve a supernatural/kingdom calling.

Press into your walk with God.  

When you're assured of your purpose, you will be unashamedly able to push towards that goal. 

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