Podcast Episode #56: Carey Nieuwhof - High Impact Leader

Posted: Mar 06 2017


Carey Nieuwhof is founding pastor of Connexus Church and is author of several bestselling books.

Carey blogs, podcasts, writes and speaks to church leaders around the world about leadership, change and personal growth.



Your Story

Start learning from leaders around you. 

Be patient. Don't give up when you're not seeing the success you're wanting to see.

You are living your story and God’s story.  God is writing a story in your life right now. 

There comes a point when you process your progress and realize your story could help somebody else. 

Focus as much ON the story as the telling of the story.  

You have to be a steward of what God does, not of what you think God should do. 


We often over-spiritualize what happens in the church and under-spiritualize what happens in the marketplace. Church and business are very similar.  Both exist to serve people. 


Balance vs. Passion

Balance in life is a myth.

The people that make the most impact in their life and the lives of others aren't trying to be balanced, but are passionate.

Abandon balance and pursue passion, not just in your job, but in your relationships, marriage, hobbies, etc.

Being “around” is not a guarantee that something relationally significant will happen, but never being around will guarantee that nothing relationally significant will happen. 

You will reap what you prioritize. 


Practical Application:

You have more control over your time than you think you do.

What is within your control?

How you spend your days is how you will spend your life. How are you going to spend your life?


3 Assets Every Leader Has:

Time. Energy. Priorities.

Opportunities will always exceed the available time. 

Do LESS and accomplish MORE.

What are you called to do? What is going to help you fulfill that calling?

Be prepared to say no and walk away. 

Scarcity increases value. 

Stop saying you don’t have the time for things if you haven't made the time for them. 


Saying No:

Start by saying “I’d love to, but unfortunately I have a commitment.”

Pull out your calendar and use it.

Examples of polite no's:

  • “I am in a full season right now.”
  • “Shoot me an email!”
  • “Can you tell me why you want to meet?”

Be thankful and honor the other person in the process. 

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