Podcast Episode #55: Ryan Frank - Leading the Most Important Organization

Posted: Feb 27 2017




Ryan serves as a bi-vocational pastor, CEO of KidzMatter, creator of 12 Stone Ventures and the co-founder of The Leverage Group.
Ryan and his wife, Beth, publish KidzMatter Magazine, a publication for those who minister to kids and families in the church. He is the author of 9 Things They Didn’t Teach Me in College About Children’s MinistryPulse (KidzMatter), Give Me Jesus, and The Volunteer Code.
Ryan serves as the co-Founder and Dean of Kidmin Academy, the co-Founder of Kidmin Nation, and the Executive Director of the Sam Chand Leadership Institute



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Making Family Your Priority

  • If you don’t fight for your family, nobody else will.
  • Your schedule shows where your heart is.
  • Love is spelled T-I-M-E with kids.
  • Give your family your best self.  
  • Choose to fight & prioritize time with your spouse and kids.

 Practical Application:

  1. Lay down your phone or put it in another room. 
  2. Don't open your laptop at home.
  3. Schedule dates with your spouse and kids.
  4. Block out family time in your calendar if you need to. 


Time with Your Kids: Quality or Quantity?

  1. Our greatest disciples are our kids.
  2. Our kids don't care about our resume or stats. Be a hero at home. 

Kids need both quality time and quantity time. 

  • Let your kids know that they are your priority when you're with them.
  • Try to keep your laptop / work stuff out of the way at home.
  • Find activities that you can do with your kids.
  • When you’re there, BE THERE.
  • Engage your kids in your activities if they're with you when your working/volunteering.


Praise & Appreciation

  • We are wired to need to feel valued and appreciated.
  • Kids need to know that they are special, valued, loved, and beautiful on the inside & out.
  • When your kids know they're appreciated and valued, it sets them up for a life of success. 
  • Your praise and appreciation MUST BE VERBALIZED.
  • Your spouse and kids need to HEAR it with your words. 


Four Obligations of the Christian Leader

  1. Walk with God: This is where your relationship to your family starts.  Are your kids seeing you engage in your relationship with God
  2. Lead:  A leader is an influencer.  This requires intentionality. 
  3. Work well with other leaders:  Don't go at it alone.  You need friends and mentors.
  4. Equip others:  How well are you equipping your spouse and kids to be the people God’s called them to be?  Start by humbly asking God for help and to show you steps.



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