Podcast Episode #53: Dusty Otis - Stewarding Your Body through Healthy Habits

Posted: Feb 13 2017


Dusty is the former strength and conditioning coach for Lincoln Christian School and has a passion for physical health. He is currently the campus pastor for Church on the Move’s South Campus.  He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife and three children.



Forming Healthy Habits

"Motivation gets you started, but habits keep you going."

We are composed of 3 parts, spirit, mind, and body, but we can tend to neglect the third part, the body.

Healthy habits include a realistic routine, eating right, and adequate rest.


Dusty's Morning Routine

4:55am: Wake up


  • Prayer (10 minutes)
  • Confessions (10 minutes)
    • Think it, believe it, speak it, and you'll live it.
  • Bible reading: read, highlight, and reread highlights 
  • Writing: about today & reflect on yesterday
  • Quiet time: sit still (try 15 minutes) and be with God 

Worship on way to gym



Workout Tips

Starting out, focus on form & proper technique.

In the beginning, just find ways to increase activity.

  • Take a walk, go to the park, walk bleachers. Just start out with a little at a time.



Your goals should be realistic & attainable.

  • Set realistic goals that you can reach. Meeting these goals boosts confidence.  
  • Unrealistic goals lead to discouragement.
  • Write the vision and make it plain - Habakkuk 2:2
  • Write your goals down and look at them daily.
  • Matthew 6:33


Working Out or Eating Right?

"You can't out exercise a bad diet."

God gave you one body, are you stewarding that body well?

Eat for performance instead of taste.

Food is fuel first.

To kickstart healthy eating habits, try a fast:

  • Eliminate something like sugar, white carbs, or sugary drinks for a set amount of time.

Try to eat dinner before 7pm.


Thoughts on Cheat Meals

These should be cheat meals not cheat days.

Cheat meals can be a reward mentally and a metabolism boost physically, if you are truly eating well the rest of the time. 


Be Intentional & Have a Plan 

Getting Started:

  • Eliminate snacks
  • Stay hydrated
  • Choose a workout that you enjoy
  • Learn about nutrition and food portions
  • Good sleep allows your body to rest, repair, and grow.
  • Disconnect from technology and sleep
  • Accountability: find someone to workout with 



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