Podcast Episode #52: Randy & Dan DeBell - Raising Godly Kids

Posted: Feb 06 2017


Randy and Dan are a father & son with years of experience in ministry.  Randy and his wife, Helen, decided to move to Oklahoma with three young sons in order to get involved in the ministry of Church on the Move.  Randy is now the Next Steps pastor for Church on the Move.  Dan was raised attending the church and Lincoln Christian School and felt called to ministry during college.  He is the Kids on the Move director for the central campus and oversees ages newborn to 6th grade, along with staff and volunteers.







Communication & Time

  • Take the time to sit, talk, laugh, play. Ask your kids about their life, their day, school.  It develops the ability to read them to know when something is off.
  • Invest when they're young. Your kids will know they can always talk to you.
  • Let them know how important they are and demonstrate it:
    • God first
    • Spouse second
    • Kids third
    • Job fourth
  • Make time for your kids.  When they are young, this means playing with them, even when you're tired. 


Navigating Middle School & High School Years

  • Watch them closely, looking for changes in behavior.
  • Monitor the friends they hangout with.
  • When they start to pull away, that's when you step towards them instead of backing off and “giving the space”.
  • Let your kids know that you need them.
  • Have frequent meetings to discuss life issues: language, friends, purity, the opposite sex, school, teachers, etc.


Step into Their World

  • Help your kids identify their problems so they can work through them.
  • Often times, parents start to pull back during the teenage years when kids need them the most.
  • Your kids need to hear what you have to say. Have boldness!
  • Speak up, say something. Don't be intimidated about stepping into their world.


Tackling Difficult Subjects:

  • Kids need to hear from their parents, not at school first.
  • Don’t let things “fester”; tackle it now.
  • Don’t allow pouting. Once it's done, get back to the fun.
  • Isolation is not an option.


Respect, Honor, & Obedience

  • Model it first with bosses and church leadership.
  • Have the wisdom and courage to apologize when you're wrong.
  • From a child's perspective, nothing diffuses negative situations & feelings faster than parents humbly apologizing when they are in the wrong.



  • See prayer as a matter of life & death.
  • Pray over your family daily.
  • When you seek Him first, all your needs will be met.
  • Be diligent, protective, loving.  Be a SHEEP DOG. 



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