Podcast Episode #51: Sam Woods - How to Better Prepare for Communicating

Posted: Jan 30 2017


Sam is the pastor at Oneighty, the youth ministry for Church on the Move.  He has been involved in Oneighty for almost 18 years after starting as a volunteer.  A Florida native, he moved from his home in Destin to attend ORU, where he met his wife and was first invited to attend a service at Oneighty.  Sam has grown as a leader and pastor and has become a phenomenal communicator reaching people for Jesus. 





Topic Preparation

  • Try to find a balance between "felt" need and "need" need.
    • What do they need to hear about what's going on in their lives? What are they  really feeling and going through? = "Felt" need
    • What do they need to know about God (doctrinal)? = "Need" need
  • Follow the natural flow of the calendar: What is going on at this point in the year? 


Preparing a Message/Communication

After choosing basic subject manner, develop message through this process:

1. Scratching: look for inspiration from multiple sources, be on the hunt for anything that can help you accomplish what you need to do/say.

  • First find what the bible says, but then:
    • What does culture say about this thing?
    • What do students believe?
    • What do psychologists say?
  • Brain dump
    • Ask God, "Of everything that could be said, what SHOULD be said?"

     2.  Whittle it down 

    • What’s the MOST important thing to say for this message?
      • A single phrase that summarizes the whole message
    • Talk it out: read it out loud to bring clarity to what needs to be said.

    3. Pen to paper

    • Write down the content
    • Organize and format 


    Format for Speaking

    1. Common ground: principle of identification (personal), “Oh, me too” effect, building rapport 
    2. Problem: the tension we have in common
    3. Solution: biblical application
    4. Practical application: the “Now what”?  How can this be used in real life? 


    Be Yourself

    • Always look for new ways of doing things, increasing productivity, learning best practices, and finding what works best for you in your context to whom you're speaking.
    • Authenticity trumps imitation.
      • There's a danger in trying to be just like someone else.
      • People will be able to see through anything other than the real you.
      • God created each of us uniquely; be who God created you to be.
      • Don’t confuse inspiration with imitation.


    Keep Jesus in the Process

    "Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you." - Saint Augustine

    Make it about God:

    • Quality time with Jesus comes first; keep Jesus central.
    • Find a personal routine and stick with it.

    Message prep is NOT a replacement for your personal relationship development.

    If you don’t model it, they won't follow it. 

    • Encourage listeners to be note takers.
    • "Note takers are history makers."
    • Nothing of any significance or value is done without leaning in & learning. Leaders are learners.  



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