Podcast Episode #49: Brady Shearer - A Checklist for Storytelling

Posted: Jan 16 2017


Brady is a videographer & motion graphics designer living in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada with his wife. He is the creator of the company Prochurchtools.com, a site that provides church leaders with creative skills, pro tips & practical tools for communications, video, & design. Brady loves the Toronto Blue Jays & San Francisco 49ers and enjoys classic sitcoms & The Simpsons.



Why Storytelling?

People love storytelling because it is scientifically proven to be the most powerful form of human communication and the only form of communication that causes the brain to truly focus.

The best way to grab people's attention is with a story.

“Attention is the most valuable commodity a church can have.”

Jesus spent approximately 35% of his recorded teaching ministry telling stories.


How to Craft a Story: A Formula for Storytelling 

  1. A lead with a problem: lead character with tension/issue, "inciting incident" 
  2. A mentor with a blueprint: someone who has been there before, empathizes, comes alongside character to help with problem 
  3. The results from lead's decision: climax of the story

Storytelling doesn't change, regardless of the platform (verbal, podcast, social media, etc.) 

If you learn how to be a great storyteller, you won't have difficulty with changing communication platforms.

Any great story follows the "Story of Jesus" story arc.


How to use Storytelling in Multiple Avenues

Grabbing Attention: Where do people already pay attention? Social media & the internet. 

Don’t “fall in love” with one single platform and refuse to move on and utilize other platforms in the future. 

Go where the people are, don't wait for people to come to you. 


Developing Replicable Systems

Ninety-five percent of what you do can be done by somebody else (replicable systematics). The last 5% is all you, your unique way of telling a story.  

Storytelling is entirely universal and it comes naturally to everyone.

Understanding the framework of storytelling to follow allows you to develop systems that others can utilize. 


Staying Relevant with Changing Platforms

  • Build a solid audience
  • Tell great, compelling stories 
  • Master storytelling and the material will be transferable between all platforms 

There are unique customs with each platform, but storytelling remains the bedrock of communication. 


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