Podcast Episode #42: Elle Campbell - Creating a Lead Small Culture

Posted: Oct 31 2016



Elle grew up in Buffalo, New York and worked for quite awhile in youth ministry.

She has been a part of the Orange Team since 2013. Currently, she is the director of XP3 Middle School Curriculum, the Lead Writer for Lead Small Weekly, a weekly tool to help churches do small groups better, and a co-author of the book Creating a Lead Small Culture, along with Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy.

She has launched a resource website called "Stuff You Can Use" and a bi-weekly podcast known as "You Ministry Answers".



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Elle's Website


Youth Ministry Answers Podcast



Creating a Lead Small Culture: Make Your Church a Place Where Kids Belong by Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy, and Elle Campbell


It's Just a Phase--So Don't Miss It by Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy


Lead Small: Five Big Ideas Every Small Group Leader Needs to Know by Reggie Joiner and Tom Shefchunas



Podcast Episode #14 Frank Bealer - 3 Steps to Creating an Effective Small Groups Structure



Small Group Coaches. 
  • The idea of a coach is a small group leader who is pouring into other small group leaders - the leader of leaders. 
  • A coaches job is to build relationships with small group leaders. 
Implementing the Small Group Coach. 
  • Start at the youngest level in your ministry - that way your brand new students don’t know any different. 
  • A lot more manageable than implementing change in other age groups. 
  • Choose someone who has been a small group leader and was good at it. 
Small Groups: Improve the structure. 
  • Does your time and your money say you are about small groups? 
Small Groups: Empowering the Leader. 
  • By empowering other leaders, you are multiplying your relational capacity by having volunteers pastor students. 
  • 70% of kids will walk away from the faith after high school. Being connected to one adult outside of their parents cuts that in half. 
Small Group Buckets - What it means to be a small group leader. 
  1. BE PRESENT - As a Small group leader you have to show up. Connects a kid’s faith to the community.
  2. CREATE A SAFE PLACE- Clarifies their faith as they grow.
  3. PARTNER WITH PARENTS - The small group leader is the link between the church and the family. Nurtures an everyday faith with the kids you lead. 
  4. MAKE IT PERSONAL - You inspire their faith by your example.  
  5. MOVE THEM OUT - Engage their faith in a bigger story. 
"Showing up" - How does this apply to kid's ministry outside of the weekend? 
  • You need more structure as kids get younger. 
  • As kids get older they need more time outside of church with their leader. 
  • Younger kids are more trusting of adults.  
  • As kids get older you need to cultivate that trust more outside of the weekend. 
  • You can show up for a kid without physically being present (Ex: cards / phonecalls / etc. 
  • Include parents. 
  • Implementation of this principle looks different as kids get older. 
Small Groups: Creating the Experience.
  • Prioritize the small group experience. 
  • Think about your physical space and the curriculum.  
Creating the experience - Focusing on Small Group Leaders.
  • Think about what you do annually for them. 
  • Think about what you do seasonally/quarterly for them. 
  • Think about what you are doing monthly for them. 
Is Small Groups / the relational aspect of church here to stay? 
  • Jesus was relational. So yes.  

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