Podcast Episode #39: Phil Bowdle - Finding a Weekly Rhythm for Your Creative Process

Posted: Sep 18 2016



Phil is the Creative Arts Pastor at West Ridge Church in Atlanta, GA. He is passionate about creating high-impact experiences that lead people to Jesus Christ.

In this episode, Phil talks specifically about the West Ridge Creative Process and getting your creativity into a weekly rhythm.  



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West Ridge Church



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Phil's Role As The Creative Pastor: 
  • Focuses on the first 10% and the last 10% of the creative process.
  • Gives clear vision and direction. 
  • Identifies problems at the beginning so people know what they are trying to create. 
  • Steps away then comes back to finish the last 10%.
  • Serves as the creative representative on the leadership team. 
    The West Ridge Church Creative Process:
    • Starts with the culture more than the process. 
    • Everything is evaluated from the beginning, in the middle, and to the end. 
    • There is a flow and a rhythm to what is created. 
    • No established rule book, depends on the project or season. 
    • Nail down the problem first before any work is done. 
    • Goal is to be 6-8 weeks out with the service 80-90% complete. 
    • There is less pressure to innovate every week when there is margin. 
    • With the pressure of a short timeline you tend to do things that are safe. 
      The Weekly Rhythm:
      • Sunday - Game Day (morning rehearsal / production run through / service / evaluation of the first service / adjustments / service two and three)
      • Monday
        • 1pm - The Worship and Production teams meets to evaluate what happened Sunday and the behind the scenes processes for the weekend. They look at the last 10% for that weekend and the weekend after.
        • 2pm - The Communications and Media teams meet. They go over project management requests. 
        • 3pm - The Whole Team meets and discusses vision and direction followed by team prayer. 
      • Touch base if needed throughout the week. The rest of the week is for creating services/elements and developing people. 
        The Role of Volunteers:
        • Band members are volunteers. 
        • Other areas use volunteers as well.
        • They are nothing without volunteers. 
        • Pushing team members to spend more time with volunteers to spread the creative culture throughout. 
          Finding Inspiration: 
          • Schedule inspiration into your week. 
          • Filter everything you are experiencing through this lens: How can I be inspired by this?
          • Keep your radar up. (Whitney George) 
          • Why does this make me feel the way I feel right now? (Whitney George)
            Redefining Excellence: 
            • It’s not about perfection. It’s about doing the best you can with what you have been given. 
            • It’s about stewardship. 
            Being Authentic as a Church:
            • If it doesn’t feel real, you lose connection with it. 
            • We are more drawn to people’s scars than their perceived perfection. 
            • Authenticity will take us further in our leadership and how we connect with other people. 


              • Email: phil@philbowdle.com


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