Podcast Episode #37: Dustin Woodward - Leading Under Authority

Posted: Aug 21 2016



Pastor Dustin Woodward is the Lead Student Pastor of Copper Point Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Together with his wife, Mandy, they are ministering to over 1,800 students a week through weekly services, satellite campuses, and Bible clubs. Dustin is a gifted communicator and teacher, convicted about speaking the truth as plainly as possible. God has given him a vision and a passion for helping people meet Jesus and each week he shares God’s Word and its practical application in our daily lives.


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8 Things Every Great Leader Should Know - Dustin Woodward

Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards 

Nuts! by Kevin Freiberg



How close should youth pastors stay aligned with what the church is doing not just what they are doing? 
  • Stay as close as possible. 
  • There needs to be authenticity with what you post on social media. 
  • Lead up as much as you expect your leader to lead down. Go to them and ask questions. 
  • Let your leader know your plan - shows you care about the vision of the entire church not just your own vision. 


Dealing With Frustration.

  • Whatever you do is sowing seed. What kind of seed are you sowing? 
  • The thing that frustrates you about your leader is often the thing God is wanting you to add to your life so one day you can go further than your leader.


Be About The People.
  • As a leader, we should never be too big to be about the people. 
  • Sometimes we forget that God placed a calling in the lives of those that serve under us. 
  • If they know we are just as passionate about them and what God has called them to do, they will be that much more passionate about what God has called us to do. 
  • Volunteers are not pawns. They are people. Know their lives. 
  • When people know you care, they will work for the vision. 
  • Jesus said, “You gain those you serve.” 


Leveraging Your Volunteers.
  • Are you repeatedly living and casting the vision?
  • Are you listening to their ideas?
  • There always needs to be an opportunity for feedback. 
  • Make sure they know they are not just there to do a job. 
  • If people are a part of something because they believe in a vision, it is something they will likely be a part of for a lifetime. 
Leadership In Motion.
  • In leadership, it's not about what you achieve, but more about what you set in motion. 
  • Knowing this allows peace and humility in your life. 


Toxic Leadership. 

  • Everybody fears being insignificant. It’s when you allow those feelings to dominate you is when your leadership becomes toxic. 
  • It is normal to feel insignificant. You have to have the logic that says, "this is normal, but I cannot put a cap on God’s plan."
  • Comparison plays a role in this, especially with social media. 
  • When these feelings start dominating, it starts deteriorating your spirit and your closeness to God. 
Growing As A Leader.
  • Leadership happens over time NOT overnight. 
  • The New Testament is agricultural, not technological. This has to do with leadership growth, your growth with God, your growth in the spirit, etc. 
  • Agriculture takes time. 
  • Take a chill pill, calm down, and let the seed grow. 
  • The best way to grow is to dig your heels in what you are doing now and make it the best you can. God will find you. 


Should I stay or should I go? 
  • It’s never about leaving somewhere, it’s about arriving somewhere. 
  • God doesn’t lead us to nothing. 
  • When there is something specifically God is calling you to, stay rooted. 
  • When it’s the time for God to move you, you will know. It will be out of an attitude of being sent not leaving. 



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