Podcast Episode #36: Jordan Boyce - Why Youth Ministry Still Matters

Posted: Aug 07 2016



Jordan Boyce is the founder of the Awakening Conference, which was established in 2007. He was a 16-year-old with a vision to gather young people all over from the region of New England. After completing an internship at The City Church in Seattle he returned and took on the position as Youth Director of Awakening Youth, the youth ministry of New Life Worship Center. Attendance at Awakening Youth has tripled since Jordan and his team took over in 2009. Awakening is a leader in creativity and using the power of media to engage young people in an active and exciting church. Jordan and his wife Samantha have a passion to in change the state of Rhode Island, and equip other New England youth ministries to do the same in their region!



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The Vision Behind Awakening. 
  • The mission is to make JESUS famous. 
  • Give God the glory and get the glory off themselves. 
  • Trust your gut and seek God. 
  • You have to have vision and you have to have faith if you are going to do anything in this culture. 
  • They began to ask themselves, "What would it look like to have youth ministry near and around Boston?"
  • You can’t copy youth ministry. You have to make it work for your culture. 


How Awakening Got To Where It Is Now. 
  • Get a small group of people to stay consistent for a long period of time and God can trust you to grow. 
  • If God sees you being faithful and consistent, that is something He can anoint. 
  • Jesus had the first youth ministry. His disciples were very young. 


The Structure Of Awakening.

  • Transitioning from a weekly service to a monthly blowout service. 
  • Small groups that meet weekly. 
  • Quarterly gathering for young adults.
  • Yearly Conference - Awakening Conference


Getting Teens Involved. 

  • Make room for students to volunteer in your kid’s ministry to eventually train them up and plug them into adult ministry. 
  • Most of the time the students are the most energetic. 
  • Make sure everyone is serving. It is probably the most important aspect of their spiritual life. 
The Culture Of Teamwork.
  • The worst type of leadership is a dictatorship. 
  • Implemented round table leadership. 
  • When you bring an idea to the table you are bringing people with you. 
  • "Team Work begins with me."
  • If the future of the table is healthy and the buy-in is there, you can succeed. 
  • Set boundaries on how you communicate - no gossiping, backbiting, or weirdness. 
To The Youth Pastor Who Is Stuck Right Now. 
  • As shepherds, we are called to be faithful to the sheep who have been brought to us. 
  • The role of the youth pastor is to speak identity and life into the students. 
  • Give them the right identity in Christ and let God do the rest. 


“Creating is difficult, critiquing is easy, being critical is unnecessary."


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