Podcast Episode #35: Brad Cooper - 360 Degree Leadership

Posted: Jul 24 2016


Brad Cooper is the Executive Pastor of Ministries at NewSpring Church in South Carolina. He oversees the Fuse, KidSpring, Next Steps, and Guest Services ministries found on every NewSpring campus and NewSpring College. Brad has a passion for people of all ages and for seeing their lives changed by Jesus Christ. Brad is the primary communicator for Fuse and has a unique ability of connecting with the students of NewSpring Church. Brad has a wife, Cory, and two beautiful daughters, Campbell and Mary Bradford. They enjoy Clemson football and spending time with family and friends.


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The Most Important Lesson In Leadership. 
  • Lead by example. 
  • Don't ask things of your people that you wouldn’t do yourself. 
  • Leadership starts with you.
  • If you can’t lead yourself, how are you going to lead others?
  • So goes the leader so goes the organization and the company. 


Narrow Your Focus. 

  • Say NO to good things and YES to great things.
  • Schedule the important things so they don’t become urgent things. 
  • Care more about who you are becoming rather than what you are doing. 
  • If you are becoming the right person, you will do the right thing. 

Gaging Your Wins. 

  • Clearly state the expectations - Vision, Values, and Standards. 
  • If you don't know what the aim is, you don't know the win. 
  • Treat people individually. 
  • How big a roll does the vision, values, and standards play? 

Vision. Values. Standards. 

  • Northstar/Compass (Vision) - Navigating new territory. As long as you are reaching people your vision is your north star. 
  • Ruler (Values) - 12in every time. Not based on the subjective but on the objective reality. 
  • Banner/Flag (Standards) - Marching forward. Standards need to be held up so people know you are marching forward. 

Ask Great Questions.  
  • Statements build walls / Questions tear down walls. 
  • Jesus led by example. Jesus asked questions to those following Him. 
  • The greatest leaders of tomorrow are going to be the best question askers of today. 
  • Questions to Ask:
  • - What are you learning?
  • - What are two things I need to keep doing?
  • - What are two things I need to stop doing?
  • - What’s it like to be on the other side of me?
  • - If you got fired today and the church hired another great leader, what two things would that leader do first. Implement the answer to that question now.
  • - Who is someone you know that I need to know? Introduce me to them.


Leading Up 

  • If you want your leader to have your back, always inform them of WHAT and WHY. 
  • Create an environment where there is radical candor. 
    • Radical candor cannot happen if the leader does not go first. 
    • You’ve got to be about celebration and affirmation - makes it easier to critique. 
    • Celebrate first. Coach second. Critique third. 
    • What is celebrated is what is replicated. 


The 360 Degree Leader

  • You aren't just trying to make yourself a great leader. You are trying to create a great culture that cultivates better leaders down the road.
  • See everything around you, all 360 degrees.
  • Creates a rich, productive, replicable culture because the leader was aware of and leveraged the 360 degrees of leadership God gave them. 



Brad's Email : brad.cooper@newspring.cc 


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