Podcast Episode #34: Oneka McClellan - How women's ministry is having a BIG effect on Shoreline Church in Dallas.

Posted: Jul 11 2016


In the summer of 2010, Oneka and her husband, Earl, sold their home, packed up their two sons, and moved to Dallas, TX. A short while later, they sat in a living room in Dallas and shared the vision of Shoreline with 17 courageous people. They started with a bible study in a nursing home. The bible study kept growing and they began meeting at the Angelika movie theater. They had their grand opening January 22, 2012 and saw over 500 people in attendance. In 2012, they moved into their current home off of Northwest Highway. God kept sending families, students, single people, and couples to be a part of their new church. Now with over 1,000 people who call Shoreline Dallas "home," they are moving to a new facility off of Garland Road. They are also so excited to announce that in 2016, they will be launching a church in Antigua, Guatemala. 

In this episode, Oneka discusses the heart and vision of Sisterhood, the women’s ministry of Shoreline, Dallas, a ministry that believes in the gathering of every day women who are passionate about bringing heave to earth. 


LISTEN NOW Episode #34: Oneka McClellan - How women's ministry is having a BIG effect on Shoreline Church in Dallas.





Shorline Dallas Church 


SISTERHOOD - The Women's Ministry of Shoreline Dallas.  

  • Oneka started Sisterhood with 20 women in the church. 
  • It has brought strength to Shoreline, Dallas. 
  • It was formed because women are an untapped resource who are capable of accomplishing great things.  
  • It gives people a plan, purpose, and a call. 
  • Sisterhood is treated as a leadership cooker to help women discover their gifts and talents. 
  • It awakens what was sleeping or what was already there in women. 
  • It funnels women into connect groups (small groups) at Shoreline. 
  • It is the front door to the church for women to invite women to church. 
  • They believe they are all in this together to be a strength and support to others around them. 
  • Not a call, but a MANDATE - a mandate to wake up something in the hearts of God’s daughters.
  • The Purpose is to bring heaven to earth wherever you are. 
  • They want to set the table to let God do his thing.  


Are you considering a Women's Ministry? 

  • Start small and trust God. 
  • Women's Ministries will strengthen the church in ways you didn’t even know. 

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