Podcast Episode #33: Peter Haas - Broken Escalators

Posted: Jun 27 2016


While working in a nightclub as a rave-dj, Peter challenged the God of the Universe to “reveal himself” in an unmistakable way. Only seconds later, God responded to him with a jaw-dropping Gospel encounter that shook the foundation of his life. Since converting to Christianity on the spot, Peter has traveled the world, sharing his radical story and calling others to experience the same joy and power. Within a few short years, Peter was sucked into full-time ministry. After pastoring in Wisconsin for a decade, Peter relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2004 to plant an arts-oriented church called Substance. Within a few short years, Substance became one of the fastest growing and most youthful multi-site megachurches in the United States. Peter also speaks to church planters and pastors all over the globe as he serves on the lead team of the Association of Related Churches (ARC). Peter released his first national book in 2012 with Influence Resources called Pharisectomy: how to remove your inner Pharisee and other religiously transmitted diseases.  
Peter spends most of his free time in his recording studio spinning EDM on his turntables or scoring classical film soundtracks. Peter currently resides in Minneapolis with his wife Carolyn and their three kids. 
In this episode of the Creative Sheep Podcast, we dive deeper into Peter’s latest book Broken Escalators.


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Substance Church 

Pharisectomy (Book Link)

Broken Escalators (Book Link)



  • We all have dreams and want to get to the next level. 
  • Life can feel like a broken escalator - Others keep moving to the top (keep getting promoted), but we stay in the same place. 
  • Sometimes, God has intentionally broken our escalator until we acknowledge Him. 
  • The book is about God slowing our life or promotion down until we are focused on the right things.


  • Stop praying for promotion and start praying for promotability. 
  • God gives circumstantial things but not the ability to enjoy them. 
  • Enjoyment/Happiness doesn’t come from circumstantial things. It comes from God. 
  • Opportunity doesn’t change character it magnifies and reveals character. 
  • God won’t promote you based on your potential character. He will promote you based on your present character.
  • Do you have the character to sustain that promotion?
  • God wants to build more than our dreams. He wants to build us. 
  • Why are most of our prayer lives dominated by circumstantial things?
  • Happiness isn’t a circumstantial problem. It’s a spiritual problem.
  • How much we are praying for circumstantial things is the key indicator in whether we are ready for promotion. 
  • True happiness is found in God. 
  • Sometimes, the most talented people are not the most anointed. 
  • Myth: Talent alone qualifies you for promotion. 
  • Looking in the Bible, God promotes the heart over talent. 
1. Obsess over your own character issues not the issues of others.
  • There is no system that can stand in the way of God’s promotion. (The Goliath Myth)
  • You can’t change other people, but you can change yourself.
2. Let God defend you.
  • If we can stay life-giving when others are life-sucking, God will come to our defense.
3. Consider that YOU might be wrong.
4. Assume God is working promotions even through your perceived demotions.
  • Your current delay might be your current deliverance.
  • In the end, we either trust God or we don’t.
5. Remember, God will make sure everyone is tested and accountable.
  • Because God is just, we reap what we sow. 



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