Episode #44: Jordan Wiseman- Social Media, Volunteers & Jesus

Posted: Nov 28 2016


Jordan Wiseman is the Marketing Coordinator for the YouVersion Bible app at Life.Church. He got his start in media & graphic design as a volunteer. He then joined the design team at Life.Church and is now part of the chart-topping YouVersion Bible app team.  



How to Best Utilize Volunteers:

  • Screening and training social media volunteers: provide example materials (tweets, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for volunteers to respond to as training.
  • Utilize community leaders- individuals responsible for on-boarding, training, and scheduling volunteers.
  • Relinquish control.
    • If someone can do 50% of what you can do, give that task away—delegate.
  • “Good leaders Let Go” 
  • Holding on to things doesn't help them grow.
    • Be ok with letting things go.
    • “Control never brings growth.”
  • “You can have control or you can have growth; you can't have both.” -Andy Stanley 

Using Social Media as a Way to Reach People:

  • Positive interactions with social media users can translate into positive interactions with God, the Church, or the Bible. 
  • The experience people have with your team is a reflection of the Kingdom of God.  
  • The objective is to respond and encourage people through social media platforms.
  • Make sure people can see the heart behind your church clearly through social media. They should see people engaging in the church. 
  • Post things in which you don't get anything in return from your audience.
    • Example: post a verse, a story of life change, etc. 

How to Start with Social Media:

  • Choose the platform that works best for your church audience.
    • Be authentic to your church and your audience. 
    • Be who you are; don’t worry about being like a different church.
  • To reach youth, interview students to find out what social media platforms they're using to determine what platforms will work best for your church. 

 Knowing God as His children: 

  • We are a part of God’s family first, not his employee.  We don't find our identities in the work we do for God, but because we are His children.
  • “God didn't call us to be his employees, he called us to be his sons and his daughters.”
  • Be intentional about regular prayer. 
  • Don’t project your own shortcomings on God.
  • God is a good father and he wants to engage us as his sons or daughters.

Staying True to Your “Why”:

  • Are we saying yes to get ahead, impress people, or prove ourselves?  
  • Know the “why” behind what you do; understand what God has called you to do.
  • The more you begin to engage with God, the more you’ll be able to find out who you are in Him.

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