Podcast Episode #23 : Pace Hartfield - Going from BIG church to start-up church

Posted: Jan 31 2016


Pace Hartfield has given his life to seeing people step into their full potential in Christ in a diverse variety of settings that have uniquely prepared him to start and pastor One Place Church.

Pace is known for his passion for his family, fishing, great coffee, and for crafting environments that creatively communicate the life found in Jesus.

Pace and his wife, Sarah, have been married for 17 years and live in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho with their four kids, Caiden (13), Grayson (10), Addison (8), and Sarah Grace (2), and as a family they are loving life in the Great Northwest!


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BIG Church to Start-Up Church


From Creative Director to Senior Pastor:

  • There is a big difference in carrying out a vision than being a culture that supports a vision.
  • You are borrowing momentum when you are under another leader.
  • When YOU are the leader, YOU have to create buy in. YOU have to cast a compelling vision.
  • Carrying someone else’s vision is different than carrying your own. - it weighs different. 

The Vision of One Place Church:

  • RESCUE: See lost people found / dead people brought to life.
  • UNITE: Unite culture to reach communities.
  • BETTER TOGETHER - a church should elevate a city and make everything about that city better and make relationships stronger. 


What Is Creative Collaboration? 

  • Creative collaboration is creating avenues to bring people together within the community.
  • Find where the party is and jump into the middle of it. Bring LIGHT into it. 

What Is Something You Are Currently Being Stretched In?
  • The importance of shaping a culture that carries out vision - the team investment and the tenacity it takes.
  • Self awareness - becoming more aware of weaknesses 
    • Don't let your weakness be a crutch. Instead build a team around you that can fill that weakness or can point it out for you to fix. 

    "Carrying another man's vision is (very) different than carrying your own."



    Pace's email: pace.hartfield@gmail.com


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