Podcast Episode #21: Larry Hubatka - How Elevation Church Structures Their Creative Team to Win

Posted: Jan 04 2016

Larry Hubatka, the Creative Pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, oversees everything you see at Elevation from graphics to print to video. On this episode, Larry pulls back the curtain on how the Elevation creative team is structured to serve the entire church. From kids and youth, to all of their campuses, we'll see how they found a way to win.

Larry and his wife Kelly have been married over a decade and a half. Additionally, they have four girls: Riley, Lily, Audrey and Lucy.

Kelly and Larry moved to Charlotte in August 2005 from Portland, Oregon for a job at a local Christian TV station. They started attending Elevation in December of 2005 before they launched their first public service. Larry and Kelly served in many different volunteer roles before Larry officially came on staff in October 2007.


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VOLUNTEER Creative Team Structure

    • LEVEL A - These individuals are super accomplished, active, but not as readily available or as consistent as others. They can contribute a lot to the team. 
    • LEVEL B - These individuals might do this for a living or they might not. They typically have less talent than A's but more availability. They can be at weekly or bi-weekly events and can handle a project start to finish. 
    • LEVEL C - These individuals typically don’t have as much experience as the others, but are very excited to get involved. These people just want to be a part of what is going on so provide an opportunity for them to get involved and develop them into key parts of the team.
    • It is important to take an audit of your team roster a few times a year to keep it current. 
    • A Bi-weekly gathering where volunteer creatives have a place to be trained, contribute ideas, work on projects and develop great relationships with other church creatives. 

ELEVATION Creative Team Structure

Agency Style
  • Set up like an "agency" and the other church departments are the "clients"
  • Other departments submit an online request form (Wufoo) for projects 
  • Have a "Yes" mentality but make sure to prioritize and say yes to the right things
Currency System - to be implemented in 2016
  • Every department is given a budget of credits quarterly
  • Each department knows the resources they have to work with
    Creative Meetings 
    • Monday is the big day for all meetings 
    • "The Flying V" - Monthly creative meeting with Pastor Stephen to talk about the creative side of the church - what are we doing? / where are we going?

      ELEVATION Creative Process

      1. Brief - What problem are we trying to solve?
      2. Idea Pitch - Your goal is to get me to want to see more.
      3. Idea Pitch: Round 2 - Build ideas to visualize final piece
      4. Production 
      5. Final piece


      • Do the best you can right now with what you have!


      Larry's Email: lhubatka@elevationchurch.org

      Elevation Church's Email: info@elevationchurch.org


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