Podcast Episode #45: Mike Foster- People of the Second Chance

Posted: Dec 12 2016


For the past 15 years, Mike has focused his work on helping people flourish in their lives by helping them be passionate about their not-so-perfect stories. Mike is the founder and Chief Chance Officer at People of the Second Chance, a non-profit organization guided by this lofty ideal: that every person on earth deserves a second chance. He is the author of the book People of the Second Chance, as well as the “Freeway” and “Wonderlife” curriculum, helping people find hope, purpose and God's radical grace. He also works with church leaders to teach them how to navigate and walk through life’s messes with their people.



Staying Filled Up as a Leader:

  • Like every other human, leaders have a limited capacity.
  • It is naive to think you can keep up the same level of work continuously without replenishing your own “tank”. 
  • Counseling can be a healthy conduit to process your own problems, worries, fears, etc. Counseling doesn't have to be a place of fear, but a place of strategy.  
  • We are fantastic at our own self-deception.  We have to become self-aware and lean into some of the misconceptions we may have about ourselves.
  • You cannot output energy, life, and encouragement without replenishing yourself with God’s love, taking care of yourself, and investing in relationships that fill you up.

Choosing Grace over Regret:

  • “Beating yourself up is not a fruit of the spirit.”
  • We all have moments where we wish we could go back, rewind, and undo the past.  Instead, we can embrace God’s radical grace.
  • Sometimes things in our life don’t have a happy “Hollywood” ending.  When we go through traumatic circumstances, the goal is not closure. The goal is opening up to new levels of compassion, empathy, and insight on pain and tragedy that can be used to help others.
  • We can let these moments can break us or we can use the painful experiences to expand our hearts for love and compassion.  How can God take these broken things and make them beautiful?
  • Will we let a moment of pain cut us off from a lifetime of grace?

Living in God’s grace:

  • It is a daily choice, not a one-time event with salvation.
  • We have to daily remind ourselves of some basic truths: we are loved, valued, God is for us, we are forgiven, we are whole, we are free.
  • Society is constantly sending out a message of condemnation and we must counter that. We must define ourselves as God’s beloved, by his grace, not by our mistakes or circumstances.

Success or Relationship:

  • God is not that interested in how successful you are. God is interested a loving a relationship with you.
  • Don't become so enamored with control that you push God out.  Embrace the places where you don't have all the answers; it creates a dependency on God.
  • Be comfortable in your mess, and be comfortable with other people’s mess, too.
  • Life is messy, complicated, and complex.  We can choose to try to control that out of insecurity or fear, or we can operate from love and grace.
  • Don’t get so consumed with the day to day, the routine, that you forget to celebrate what God is doing.
  • We are forgiven, free, and loved by God. Let’s party!

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