Time Management Magic Pt 2 :: Lee Cockerell

Posted: Jun 26 2015

Today's guest blog post is from none other than the great Lee Cockerell. Lee spent more than 40 years in the hospitality industry developing skills and learning lessons in leadership with some incredible companies, including Walt Disney World, where he was the Executive Vice President of Operations for all of Walt Disney World Resort. Lee's expertise in organization and management has given him a tremendous ability to lead enormous teams of people. We are proud and honored that Lee has agreed to write a blog post for us. In fact, he had so much wisdom to share with us that we had to break it into two parts! 

Part 2

Routine can lead to an improved life in many areas of your life
One appointment I have in my calendar every day is time to take care of me. I schedule my exercise every day, including my weight training with my trainer every Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 a.m.

I have a goal of getting in at least 10,000 steps a day. Some of those steps are just walking, or jogging, or even using my Stairmaster, which is in my home office in front of the TV; or I do a combination of all three.

One of my routines is to fit in those steps in a number of ways, from parking three blocks away from Starbucks in the morning and walking there and back, always parking in the farthest parking spot when I go shopping, and walking at the airport while waiting for my flight to board instead of sitting down like everybody else. I figure I will get plenty of time to sit once I get on the plane as the flight attendants and other passengers don’t appreciate me walking up and down the aisle for a two or three hour flight. (The only airline you can really try walking up and down the aisle in is Southwest Airlines as they don’t have those annoying carts in the aisle.)

I never take the escalator or elevator if there is a staircase nearby and never use the moving sidewalks.

Even at home one of my routines if I am short of my 10,000 steps for the day I walk around the house while watching TV or talking with a client on the phone.

For all of you out there over fifty years old, weight training is more important than aerobics. I have been doing weight training for five years with a trainer and I am stronger now at 71 years old than when I was twenty. This is one of my most important routines.

I don’t walk hunched over from a weak core. I have the energy of a teenager and all back pain ceased not long after I started my slow movement weight training program. And best of all I weigh the exact weight I did when I got out of basic training in the US Army fifty years ago.

The best payoff for disciplined exercise is high energy, positive attitude, stress relief, sound sleep and weight control which keeps the big problems out of your life like high blood pressure and diabetes and probably others we don’t even know about.

Exercise matters. If you are serious then you will schedule it and make it your top priority because if you lose your health it will be the biggest regret you have. 

Time Management Magic…How To Get More Done Every Day will teach you how to live a long, healthy and magical life. We all have routines. Just make sure you have good ones.

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