The Win

Posted: Apr 10 2014

March Madness is one of the best times of the year. I love everything about it; the upsets, the excitement, the surprising stars that emerge out of nowhere to become household names.  But some of my favorite moments actually happen the week before The Tournament, in the Conference Finals. When the buzzer sounds and an improbable team earns their spot in "The Big Dance", this team that has battled together all year gets to experience the joy of realizing a life-long dream. I love watching that moment of celebration, with fans rushing the court, coaches hugging, and players in a big pile at mid court. For many teams, this one win can put them on the map and build momentum that turns the entire program around. 

Celebrating a win is important. It gives the team a sense of accomplishment and can often provide everyone with something to rally around. A few weeks ago, had a win like this, and we wanted to help them celebrate! is a multi-site church based in Arkansas and Tennessee, and on the weekend of March 15-16 Pastor Scott Harness was in a series called Toxic. Throughout the series, there was a tremendous response and it was evident that God was at work in the lives of people. Every 2 months, This Church incorporates baptisms as part of the worship experience, and this weekend the response was incredible at both the Sherwood and Cabot campuses. Hundreds of people looked on as 62 people were baptized, including 25 youth and children! In addition to that, 40 more people decided to make Jesus the Lord of their life! does a fantastic job of creating an atmosphere of celebration for their baptism events, and they can't wait to share some of the life-changing stories coming from this last round of baptisms with the rest of their congregation. 

Life change is what it is all about. For us as the church, that is the win. And I don't know exactly how it goes down in heaven, but we know that when one person gets saved there's a party up there. When 40 people come to Christ and 62 get baptized in one weekend at one church, I like to think the angels are storming the court, relatives are hugging, and there's a big dog pile as heaven celebrates a huge win!  

Thanks so much to for sharing their story with us.  For more information, you can check them out at, and you can follow Pastor Harness on twitter at @scottsaidwhat.



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