What's your message?

Posted: Mar 01 2014

 We all know the answer to this when it comes to Sunday morning. We have a topic and a few points we're going to cover over 3-5 weeks, maybe more, maybe less. I'm talking about your organizations message. Why are you here? What are your core values? And not a string of corporate buzz words or something you've stolen from someone else. That can get you started, but why is your organization here?

I had the privilege to sit in on Church on the Move's monthly Men's Leadership Lunch. Pastor Willie George discussed a few things that are core values to COTM. 

1. If we're going to do something, we're going to do it with excellence. And they do. For lunch we had a steak dinner. :)

2. The leaders are expected to be flexible. Things will come up outside of your job description and you can help if called on.

3. Get along vertically as well as horizontally. So many people focus on getting along with the boss, but not with their co-workers. It's both at Church on the Move.

These are just some examples. You need to get your own, I need to get my own. And once you do, preach them to your team constantly. These need to be who you are without question.

What are 4-5 sentences of who you and your organization are?


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