Fascination with the little things

Posted: Feb 25 2014

If you've ever read Steve Jobs book (by Walter Isaacson), you know the story of Steve as a child wondering why his father took such great consideration in choosing the nails they would use to build a fence. Young Steve, at first, didn't see the importance since afterall, no on would see the nails. But his father taught him that the little things add up to the big things. 

As we see in E-Myth, Michael E Gerber explains that the greatest business people he has known have a genuine fascination for the truly astonishing impact little things done exactly right can have on the world. Well we know that prior to his unfortunate passing, Steve Jobs literally changed the world. Working in ministry we have something far more important than a phone or a computer. We are helping people see Jesus. And the little things count. The little things help people see Jesus.

What are some "small" things that need your attention? How can you improve or fix them? 


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