Posted: Mar 31 2014

So many people (certainly not you) are so concerned with how to market their next event, how to get more butts in the seats, how to get the word out. While this is important, what if we really focused on something else, what if we focused on the quality of our "product." What if we made sure that our services were really stinkin good? You know the kind that people want to bring their friends to. What if the worship is amazing. The childrens classes are fun and exciting? What if it's super easy to get in and out of the parking lot before AND after church? What if the message was well crafted and thought out? What if our transitions are seemless? 

What if all this combined really made room for the spirit to move in church? What could he do when we've truly done our part? Because the Bible really said it best, do everything as unto the Lord. And John Lasseter (head of Pixar) echoed this nicely, Quality is the best business plan of all.


What if we focused on what's important than creating some hype?


PS - Marketing is wildly important. Jesus was/is a great marketor. As was/is God. As was/is the Holy Spirit. So we need to be as well. 


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