One percent

Posted: Jan 24 2014

If you're anything like me, when it's time to change, you want to change it all at once. If you are wanting more people at your church, you may think, let's double the attendance next week. Or it's time to lose weight, so I'll drop 40 lbs in a week. Now apart from lipo-suction or some other wild fix, that's really unhealthy. The key is to do it in steps. You didn't get where you are (good or bad) overnight, and you're not going to change it overnight.

I believe the one percent principle comes from Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers. However, it's also a biblical principle. The bible talks about doing things in steps. Step by step, little by little. Back to the one percent idea. He talks about rather than focusing on becoming 50% better or 100% or 200% better immediately, focus on becoming 1% better every week. Make small, incremental adjustments that over time will add up to become big changes that last. Whether that's the growth plan of your church members, addition of church staff or some personal objective you have. Take a different approach than the grandiose, quick-fix approach and make small, step-by-step change that will last.

What is the change you are looking to make? What step/one-percent increment can you take to make it better?


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