Podcast Episode #28: Joshua Gagnon - Training Leaders for Growth

Posted: Apr 20 2016




In 2008, Josh launched Next Level Church in New England with a desire to be relevant, loving, and life-giving. He claims to have made tons of mistakes and have been making it up as he goes, trusting God for wisdom beyond my years and experience. Today Next Level Church has 7 locations throughout the Northeast in 4 different states with thousands of people each weekend in attendance, and best of all, thousands of people have said, "Yes" to a relationship with Jesus.

God-willing, NLC will launch dozens of relevant, loving, and life-giving locations all over America and beyond. As people look at what God is doing at NLC, my hope is that they will be amazed by God because clearly only God could write this story!

Josh is married to his best friend and the love of his life, Jennifer. They have two boys named Malachi and Nehemiah.


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Measuring Success:

  • Let your success be driven from within your organization not from the outside in. 
  • Finding your identity in the RIGHT things will ultimatley make you successful in the BEST things.  
  • Success can deceive someone into believing they are growing in humility, but who are you when you are stripped from your success?
  • ASK: Am I growing or are my circumstances simply changing?
  • Who you are developing is one of the most important gages of your success.
  • Are those underneath you accomplishing more now than they were prior to them being underneath you.
  • You don’t have a job to do, you have a team to build.
  • You can't multiply locations until you multiply people.



  • A God-sized vision won’t make sense to normal thinking. 
  • God is going to plant a vision in your heart that won’t entirely make sense to your natural thinking. 
  • Make your vision so big that no one person can take credit. You have to give credit to God.
  • Casting vision is giving an overall desired destination.
  • Your job is to communicate the vision so well that those listening can paint the entire picture precisely.  
  • "To equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up." - Ephesians 4:12
  • We should be learning from other churches but not borrowing their vision. Use the vision God has given YOU.
  • Do NOT plug and play a vision. Instead, learn from another vision, modify it, and then make it relevant to the community you live in. 


Practically Empowering Others:

  • When it comes to empowering, a lot of leaders see this as only giving away tasks.
  • Give away the authority to answer questions and make decisions without your presence.
  • You are most important when you are less needed.
  • DELEGATING means handing off authority and power - giving someone the ability to say yes or no.
  • ASK: Are you able to say yes? What areas are you leading where you can't say yes - where you don't have the authority?


Having The Right People In The Right Seats: 

  • People are the best at letting you know what they are good at and what they are not good at.
  • Gifts make room for themselves.
  • People gravitate towards what they are good at. 


Closing Thoughts: 

  • Work on becoming better as a leader. 
  • Develop disciplines today that lead to success tomorrow. Average leaders are NOT consistent in disciplines.  
  • Find your identity in who God has called you to be. 


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