Podcast Episode #27: Chad Veach - Unreasonable Hope

Posted: Apr 03 2016



Chad Veach is one of the nations most sought after preacher and leadership teacher. In his former church, he led a youth and young adult ministry that saw over 1000 young people in attendance weekly. Chad and his wife, Julia, currently pastor Zoe Church in Los Angeles, CA. They have three children, Georgia, Winston, and Maverick. In this episode, Chad shares the reason and heart behind his new book Unreasonable Hope. 


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Unreasonable Hope - The Book

Zoe Church - Los Angeles, CA



At four months old, Chad's daughter, Georgia, was diagnosed with “Smooth Brain" - a rare brain disorder which affects the development of the brain folds. In this book, Chad shares the journey to hope he and his wife have experienced. Unreasonable Hope is about finding faith in a God who can bring purpose to your pain. 


Why do we need hope?

  • Sometimes in life you have to face things every day that don’t go away.
  • Without hope, you can get swallowed by the circumstances of life.


How can we remain hopeful? 
  • If you put your hope in God, it will not disappoint. 
  • He will do for you what you cannot do for yourself. 


What will the readers take away from this book?

  • People will be pointed to Jesus. They will see who HE IS. 
  • In the most hopeless moments, we can learn the most about God.
  • There are certain things you learn in the valley that you can’t learn on the mountain top. 


Has this journey tried your patience? 

  • Yes, it tests your faith, patience...everything. 
  • We are all going through something.  
  • Pain is relative, but Jesus is a reality. 


"It is always too early to quit." 


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