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Posted: Mar 20 2016




Born and raised in Kentucky, Greg grew up in a Christian home. After rededicating his life to Christ at the age of 17, he felt a call to ministry. He began volunteering at his home church and, in 1989, became the Youth and Children’s Pastor, eventually serving as the Associate Pastor.

He and his family moved to Tulsa in 2003 to become part of the Pastoral team of Church On The Move. He now serves as the Family Ministries Director, which includes the kid's ministry (Kids on the Move) and the student ministry (Oneighty), as well as Dry Gulch, USA and Lincoln Christian School. He also oversees the Security teams for all the COTM campuses.

Greg and his wife, Polly, have been married for over 25 years and have three children, one daughter–in-law, and a grandson on the way. He loves the New York Yankees and is a devout follower of Kentucky basketball.

In this episode, Greg shares the key to exercising one's growth in leadership properly, what he refers to as "coaching the coaches."


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"It's easier to educate a doer than to activate a thinker." - Andy Stanley

  • Just get started! - This allows you to see what needs to be worked on. 
  • It never works to get it perfect.


Narrow your focus.

  • When you begin to take on more, your focus should be on less. 
  • The wider you go the deeper you have to go. 
  • Influence expands, but your focus has to narrow. (Ex: A Ladder)
  • Pour what you have into those you lead so they can go influence those they lead. 
  • Select the people you are coaching. Coaches want ownership. 
  • STOP coaching players - You can’t give those people the attention they need when you go broad and coach players. 
  • You cannot keep a clear thought life when you keep your focus wide. 



  • One of the challenges of leadership is giving things away. 
  • Jesus left his ministry in the hands of others knowing he would have been able to do it better. 
  • When you give something away you have to be comfortable with it being done at 85%. 
  • When you delegate, make sure you don’t delegate something that can bring the ministry down - something crucial to the ministry.
  • You have got to have the right people, because there is trust involved. 
  • Trust but verify. 
  • Let others fail as close to the ground as they can. 
  • You have to be willing for it not to work, then coach out of that. 


Lead with excellence.

  • Do what you do with excellence as unto God, not man. 
  • Don't just get something done. Do it right. 
  • You are never going to get the pay or recognition you deserve. Only God can give you that. 
  • When you fight the frustration, the only way to fight it is with excellence. 
  • Your challenges don’t change at the next level. 
  • Who am I in this for?
  • God will increase your influence. That’s not your job. 


Don't train someone to lead. Train them how to think.

  • Teach people to learn how you think, not how to do it exactly like you.
  • Stop making statements and start asking questions.
  • Ask questions so you can learn how they think.
  • If you ask the right questions, you can get the answer you want and you are able to coach them.
  • Two-way street. I want to know what you are thinking and you want to know what I am thinking. 


 Lead from a seated position. 

  • Jesus did His greatest work from a SEATED position.
  • When you are seated, you have done all that you are able to do.
  • You give direction. You are in a position of authority.
  • His influence is greater now than when he was with twelve people.
  • He didn’t make this move without sacrifice. He had to die. Something has to die.
  • When you go up, something has to go away.
  • If he didn’t pass his ministry off to his twelve, there would be no global church today. 


What can I do now? 
  1. Learn to manage yourself. 
  2. Be healthy - Spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
  • Nothing is worth doing if it ends up killing you.
  • Be aware of who you are spending your time with.
  • Find one person on your team that you can lean on.
  • COACH SOMEBODY. If you don’t, you will always have players. 


Email: greg@churchonthemove.com


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