Podcast Episode #25: Jason Delgado - The Key to Effective Transition

Posted: Mar 06 2016



As a 13 year old boy, Jason knew he was called to be a pastor. But his journey to lead Vibrant Church started with Jason serving our country in the United States Marine Corps., then attending seminary and training under one of the country’s most respected pastors, Pastor Tommy Barnett.

Pastor Jason met his beautiful wife, Rachael, while serving in ministry in Phoenix. They have spent over a decade in ministry together and have been blessed with three amazing kids: Ava, Nathan, and Trace.

Ministry runs in Jason’s blood. His father, Ron Delgado, founded Evangel Church, now Vibrant Church, and faithfully served for over 20 years before Jason and Rachael returned to Columbus to begin a succession transition with his father. The church was positioned to build upon an incredible foundation of unity, passion and progression to reach the next generation for Christ. In 2013, Pastor Jason and Rachael officially became the Lead Pastors of Vibrant Church.

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ONE QUESTION - What are your top three favorite podcasts right now? 


Jared' Top Three:

  1. Perry Noble Leadership Podcast
  2. The Leadership Momentum Podcast / Craig Groeschel’s Leadership Podcast
  3. Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin
Roman's Top Three: 
  1. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast 
  2. Tim Keller Sermons Podcast by Gospel in Life
  3. 99% Invisible






Vibrant Church



Tom Mullins 



Honor is the currency of effective transition:

  • Jason experienced the frustration of dual leadership, but he knew losing his relationship with his father in the process of leading the church would ultimately bring dishonor to his father. 
  • His father was hesitant about the new vision, but they agreed to have unity. 
  • The more Jason honored his father the more people began to gravitate towards him. 




The Importance of Candor:

  • Honor and candor go hand in hand.
  • If you truly honor someone, you will be honest with them.  
  • If you are not open, you are not honoring that person and therefore distrust them.
  • Create a brutal honest culture. You can’t have your emotions attached to what you do.
  • Whatever happens at the top filters down. Make sure there is no fracture at the top. Everything rises and falls on leadership.
  • Disagree, but be agreeable - You can have a disagreement in position, but agree in attitude.
  • The kisses of the enemy are deceitful, but the wounds of a brother are faithful. Have the attitude of "I'm gonna poke on this and it will hurt, but it's because you have a blindspot here that you can’t see."





Email: jason@vibrantchurch.com

Office: 662-329-2279


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