Everything Speaks.

Posted: Dec 21 2013

(From the book - Be our Guest: Perfecting the art of customer service)


In Disney-speak, your setting is wherever your customers meet you.Whether that is a retail store or a hospital or a Website or even a telephonecall center, the setting that customers experience plays a critical role in how they perceive their your organization. The importance of managing the effect ofsetting on the guest experience can be summed up in two words: Everything speaks.


I love the brevity of this thought. Even though it’s just two simple words, it holds a ton of weight.EVERYTHING speaks. It’s very easy to insert a church into the list in this book. It’s very easy to focus on the worship and the message. It’s pretty normal to put some thought into the offering. While these elements are extremely important when was the last time we took a look at our traffic flow? You may be one heck of a speaker that can bring the word with the best of them, but if it takes an hour and a half to leave church, you run the risk of new folks not coming back. Because your traffic flow speaks. Your children’s checkin speaks. The person answering your phones during the week speaks. Everything speaks.


What are a couple areas that need attention in your church? How can you change what they’re saying to truly “speak” the way you want them to?


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